Low interest used car financing Hot Springs AR

Imagine this: You have spent many hours going over your budget and conducting research online, and now it is finally time to go ahead and buy the used car you have been eyeballing for months. You make sure all of your accounts are in order and that you have enough for a reasonable down payment so you can get a good head start on paying off the vehicle, and you have a pretty good idea of what your monthly payment will be when financing your purchase. You opt to visit a subprime lender because you have perhaps encountered a bump or two in financing and credit in the past and are worried you won’t be accepted by anyone else. You are shocked to see the interest rates on the loan proposed to you. Is this your only option? Where can you find low interest used car financing in Hot Springs AR? The answer is right here at Lloyd’s Auto Sales.

Subprime lenders can sometimes skyrocket their interest rates when offering you financing. They can make you pay upwards of 15, 20, even 25 percent interest on your loans. With that kind of interest rate, you might find yourself having a great deal of difficulty paying back your loans. You could wind up stuck in a perpetual loop of high-interest rates, always being in debt because you’re paying so much interest and barely even touching the principal amount owed. That doesn’t sound too ideal, does it?

At Lloyd’s Auto Sales, our interest rate tops out at 9.9 percent. We believe this is a reasonable rate, and certainly lower than what some subprime lenders might be able to offer you. With this kind of interest rate, paying off the purchase of your car isn’t an impossible dream, but rather, a very real and reachable goal that won’t leave you in a permanent state of debt.

What to expect at Lloyd’s Auto Sales

Lloyd’s Auto Sales, in addition to having an affordable interest rate, is a buy here pay here dealership. So you can expect a few things from us:
  • There’s no middleman when it comes to financing.
  • We’ll work with you regardless of your credit history.
  • We’ll give you a fair and reasonable interest rate.
  • We’ll offer a friendly and hassle-free environment.
  • You can find a quality used car to depend on.
Here at Lloyd’s Auto Sales, we want to build a lasting relationship with our customers. It is because of you, our customers, that we are even in business at all. We want to treat you fairly. Visit us for your auto loan and used vehicle needs, and we’ll treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.