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What are the minimum requirements to get approved?
Customers typically must have a valid Arkansas driver’s license, 6 months of employment with at least $1500 in provable monthly income, 6 months at your residency, live within the state of Arkansas. However, every situation is looked at uniquely so feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

I have been turned down at so many other places how can you approve me?
Our lender Star Finance sets the criteria so we have a lot more flexibility in getting you approved than a typical lending bank. Bad Credit, No Credit, Repos, Bankruptcies, Fixed Income, No Paystubs we can help! We are the Home of Flex Financing where we build an Auto Loan to fit your down payment and budget. 

Do I need a huge down payment?
No, we have down payments to fit every budget starting at $1000 down.

I have trouble proving my income, is that a problem?
We are flexible with income verification, so call us and see what documents you can bring to replace a paystub.

Can I get approved even with a prior bankruptcy?
Yes! Since we report to Trans Union Credit Bureau this is the perfect program for people right out of a bankruptcy looking to re-establish their credit!

Can I get approved even with prior vehicle repossessions?

Yes! Prior repossessions make it super hard to get auto financing; at Lloyd’s Auto Sales we can help put that behind you with a good car loan on your credit!

Can I get approved if I have no credit established?
Yes! This is a great place to get you established; we have an excellent first-time buyers program.

Why is good credit important?

Having good credit can affect your future in many different ways. Buying a house, getting a job, and starting a business all depend on good credit. Purchasing a house is one of the greatest investments you can make in your own future. It’s also one of the most difficult ones to achieve if you don’t have a good credit score. You may not have heard of this one before, but many employers are now running credit checks on prospective employees prior to hiring them.

It all sounds great, but my friend says BHPH dealers sell junk cars?
That is a common misconception that buy here pay here dealers sell bad cars. On the contrary, because you make payments to us we are EXTRA invested in making sure you drive off in a dependable vehicle. Other dealerships that sell your loan off to a bank have far less of an investment in things like if your car breaks down or if your payments are out of your budget. They are much more likely to take you for a ride!

Does Lloyd’s Auto Sales accept trade-ins?
Lloyd’s Auto Sales accepts all trade-ins with a title in your name. If you can drive the vehicle here; we can take it as a trade.

What if I already have a loan through Lloyd’s Auto Sales can I trade?
If you have paid 80% of your auto loan, meaning your current balance is 80% less than the beginning balance you can trade with little to no money down. If you are not at the 80% mark, there is still a possibility of a down payment. Come in to see what we can do for you. Previous Lloyd Auto Sales customers get VIP treatment!

Does Lloyd’s Auto Sales inspect vehicles prior to sale?
Yes! All vehicles go through a full inspection prior to sale.

Does your vehicle come with a warranty?
All vehicles are sold AS-IS with an options to purchase a warranty. ASC Warranty Dependable Protection.

Can I have my own mechanic look at the vehicle before I purchase it?
Yes! We encourage it…….!

Can Lloyd’s Auto Sales draft my payment straight from my bank account or debit/credit card?
Yes, you can set that up anytime, and can also be entered to win a contest monthly.

Does Lloyd's Auto Sales provide loaner vehicles for any warranty or service work?
No!  We do not provide loaner vehicles for any type of service or warranty work being done.  The customer would need to make their own arrangements for transportation if the vehicle has to be kept for any length of time.  The customer can check with their insurance to see if their particular policy allows for rental vehicle when needed.   You can also purchase an ASC Warranty that has a rental car allowance in the policy.