The Heart Of Our Pink Lloyd Event

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Lloyd's Auto Sales Pink Lloyd Event

Pink Lloyd Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Our motivation for the event

Whether directly or indirectly we have all known someone who has battled with cancer. In particular breast cancer. It has taken family members, friends, coworkers, and many more. Because of that Lloyd’s Auto Sales decided to put on the gloves this year and fight back against breast cancer.

While we were deciding how to approach our fundraiser we came up with the idea to use a play on words by utilizing the Pink Lloyd name for our fundraiser. We decided to partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation because the approach they take towards raising funds for breast cancer patients is very closely aligned with our goals. As we brainstormed about ways to get our customers involved the idea was thrown out to dump pink slime on a sales rep and we are all for a good sliming at Lloyd’s so we took the idea and ran with it. However we did modify the possible recipients of the slime to include more people on our team.

How it works

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Reasons To Buy A Used Car This School Year

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Back to school Lloyd's

Update Your Ride This School Year

With school back in session this is the time of year when both parents and students see their schedules become very busy. With all of the drives to school, practices, and weekend trips it is important to have a car that can stand up to the challenge. At Lloyd’s Auto Sales we have a large selection of vehicle that will not only meet all of your criteria for a used car but will also be at an affordable cost. Our commitment to our customers helps make us one of the go to used car lots in Hot Springs, Arkansas. So if you are in the market for a car this school year here a some things to consider while choosing a car.


Safety Lloyd's Auto Sales

When your transporting precious cargo like children it is important that your car is as safe as it can be. At Lloyd’s Auto Sales we have many different options of cars that have both high safety ratings and newer features that keep cars safe. You can view our inventory online or you can come by the lot in Hot Springs and see all the vehicles we have.

“Even the crash tests have changed, so the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cautions that a 5-star crash rating of old can’t be compared with 5-star ratings today.

Lloyd’s Auto Sales will work to find the perfect car for your family. We also offer financing options in house that allows us flexibility to get you in a car you love.


If you have been driving around in an older vehicle you may not have had the luxury of some of the newer features that many cars have, like hands free callings, XM Radio, and Bluetooth Connectivity. Many of the cars here at Lloyd’s Auto Sales have these newer features so while you’re looking at vehicles on our lot be sure to ask a sales rep about the features of the cars you are looking at.


If you are currently driving around in an older vehicle you may be missing out on some of the newer safety features or updated technology that many of the used cars on our lot have. So if you are looking for a quality used car with updated features and great safety ratings we are sure to have something to fit your needs at Lloyd’s Auto Sales.

The Importance Of Reviews For Used Car Dealerships

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Business Reviews

In today’s world reviews are a big part of doing business especially when it comes to used cars, a recent study showed that 92% of consumers looked at a review before they made a purchase. However, despite these reviews being so important to consumers, many times customers only review a bad experience. This doesn’t mean that good experiences aren’t happening it just means that often times they aren’t getting put into a review. Below we will go over some reasons that reviews are important to used car dealers in Hot Springs and all other car lots in other places.


Customers are depending on your review.


As we previously stated 92% of people consult reviews before they make a purchase. With such a larger group of customers utilizing reviews it becomes imperative that customers leave fresh reviews. After you have had a good experience be sure to let other people looking at reviews know.


If something isn’t satisfactory we want to know.


We use reviews on things like our inventory or financing to help adapt and make thing more efficient for our customers. Our number one priority is always to give our customers the highest level of service. We can achieve this goal by reading customers comments and properly adapting to make things better.


Positive reviews help boost the company moral.


If you have had a great experience we want to hear about it. When we get these positive reviews it helps motivate us and gives us a since of fulfillment in our work. After the next time you have a positive experience we hope you consider the positive impact that you can have on our company moral by telling us about it.


So regardless of your experience please give us a review so we can continue to do the things that are seen as positive and fix things that are seen as negative. As always thank you for your continued support of Lloyd’s Auto Sales right here in Hot Springs, AR.

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Reasons to take a family road trip this summer

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Summertime Road Trip Lloyd's Auto Sales

We’ve all seen a movie where a family loads up and takes a family vacation, it never fails that they run into all sorts of crazy situations. But regardless how crazy the trip gets they always have a moment at the end where they realize that they have made memories and grown closre as a family. This blog serves as an advocate for the traditional family road trip and all that comes with it.  Here we go!

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Mark Rober’s Epic Hot Wheels Video

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Toy Cars - Best Hot Wheels Stunt Race Video Ever

Best Hot Wheels Stunt Race Video Ever

There are a few toys that just about everyone played with when growing up. Even if they didn’t own them at home, they had friends who were happy to share and create adventures together. Dating back more than 80 years, toy cars are practically an American tradition in themselves. Anyone who ever played with them growing up probably raced their cars against each other more times than they could ever count. The fun got even better once Hot Wheels stepped up the competition and engineered ramps, tracks and more for kids—and maybe some adults—that made the races even more exciting and customizable. There have been plenty of good Hot Wheels races in the past few decades, but Youtuber Mark Rober may have just created the best hot wheels stunt race video ever. Check it, and our inventory, out today! Read the rest of this entry »

What Are Some Good Hiking Trails in the Hot Springs Area?

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Two People Hiking - Best Hiking Trails in Hot Springs AR

Best Hiking Trails in Hot Springs AR

Are you ready to get out of the house and onto the trail? Hot Springs has plenty of beautiful hiking trails and all of them are worth exploring. Are you wondering which are the best hiking trails in Hot Springs, AR? While it’s hard to pick favorites, we did our best to highlight some of the best trails in the Hot Springs area. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Should I Buy an American Car?

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Hands and Flags in the Air - Reasons to Buy American Cars

Reasons to Buy American Cars

We, the people of the US automotive industry, are proud to live in the greatest nation in the world today – the United States of America. Just like anything else on the market today, cars are only getting better and better. More fuel economy, more power, more comfort, more luxury, more… everything, really. In the midst of all this mechanical madness, people aren’t really thinking quite as much as they used to about the companies that make their cars. More specifically, many people seem to have forgotten the reasons to buy American cars. Read the rest of this entry »

What Car Colors are the Least Popular?

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Color Samples - What Are the Most Popular Car Colors?

What Are the Most Popular Car Colors?

When buying a car, a customer will consider countless variables. How’s the fuel economy? What are all of the standard features? How long can I expect this car to last? Some people, on the other hand, ask these questions secondarily. First, they need to choose what color they want their new car to be. Some people will know exactly what they want before stepping foot on the lot, and others will take an interest in which colors look best or maybe even sell best. So, of all the color options on cars’ exteriors, what are the most popular car colors? Stay tuned; you’re about to find out! Read the rest of this entry »

Where to Play Golf in the Hot Springs Area

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Golf Club, Tee and Ball - Best Golf Courses in Hot Springs AR

Best Golf Courses in Hot Springs AR

Looking for something to do in the warmer weather? Playing any sport with family and friends is always fun and rewarding, but there’s nothing quite like spending the day with your favorite set of golf clubs. Lucky for us, Hot Springs, Arkansas has plenty of great golf courses, and they are all worth exploring – just like our inventory. When picking which golf course, the natural question is, of course, “What are the best golf courses in Hot Springs, AR?” Look no further; we’ve got a list of our favorites! Read the rest of this entry »

Where to Find the Best Barbecue in the Hot Springs Area

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Open Flames - Best BBQ Restaurants in Hot Springs AR

Best BBQ Restaurants in Hot Springs AR

Do you love your BBQ as much as we love our inventory of used cars? If so, then we’ll bet that you’d like to know where to find the best barbeque in the area. In fact, you won’t even have to travel far at all because some of the best BBQ in Arkansas can be found locally, right here in Hot Springs. Check out our list of the best BBQ restaurants in Hot Springs, AR. Read the rest of this entry »